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Infrared Repair

Benefits of using Infrared Repair

Semper FI Paving is a partner of KM International.  KM International’s line of infrared asphalt recyclers are the most innovative, cost effective, and job efficient on the market today.

  • Cost and Time Efficient: 1/3 the time and costs of traditional saw cut R&R methods
  • Reliability: Creates a heated thermal bond between the repair area and the surrounding pavement
  • Profitability: Less time and labor result in higher job profits
  • Green process: In-place-recycling of existing asphalt
  • Versatility: Can be used for pothole repair, thermoplastic application, high and low spots, cold seams during paving, birdbaths, repairs around storms drains, and much more

What is Infrared Repair?

  • The concept of infrared repair in layman’s terms is the process of heating up a repair area using infrared wavelengths to a temperature of 350˚F in order to rake, lute, and compact the repair area leaving a seamless and thermally bonded transition between the repair area and the surrounding asphalt. 

Why would I use infrared as opposed to saw cut remove and replace?

  •  Infrared repair takes 1/3 the time and costs of saw cut R &R. In addition to the time and costs savings infrared repair creates a thermal bond between the new and existing asphalt drastically reducing the chance of water penetrating into the repair and causing future issues. 

How long does it take to perform an infrared repair?

  •  Standard heating times will be 7-10 minutes for an inch to 1 ½” of penetration. Heating time will be dependent on how clean the repair area is, the age of the asphalt, and the outside ambient temperature. After the area is heated up, the rest of the repair should only take about 10-12 minutes. So a good rule to go by is an infrared repair in total will take 15-20 minutes. 

Where can I use infrared repair at? Where can I not use infrared repair?

  •  Infrared repair is intended to be an alternative repair method to saw cut remove and replace, so anywhere you are currently doing saw cut R & R you can use infrared. Potholes, spider web cracking, oil spots, birdbaths, drainage covers, utility cuts, the list goes on and on. 
  •  Although infrared repair can be used in 99% of asphalt repair applications there are some instances where infrared may not be the best solution. Using infrared repair to repair an entire asphalt driveway is probably not the most economical solution and you will leave the driveway looking very “spotty”. Another instance where infrared repair can be used but may not be a permanent solution is when there is a sub base failure. 

Will infrared heat burn the asphalt?

  •  If you are using a true infrared heater, then NO. KM International infrared heaters are equipped with heat cycling technology which cycles the heating times to ensure you are not burning the top layer of asphalt. If you are using a unit that does not cycle heat or using a unit that is “blue flame technology” then you do in fact run the risk of burning the top layer of asphalt.